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Dear Yuletide Author
Thank you so much for writing for me!

This is the first time I've ever done this, and I'm very excited to see what comes from it.

Joys and Wants
I'm a huge sucker for happy endings, they don't necessarily have to be happy happy joy joy, an upswing and positive note is a great place to end up as well. Snark is my best friend ever and bantering and teasing are right there with it. Fated lovers are another big fave of mine, destinies entwined and all that lovely stuff is heavenly to read and immerse yourself in. I firmly believe in love at first, second and infinity sight, because it's hard as hell to find and even harder to keep.

I love strong female characters that can give as good as they get, equality between the relationships of the characters is also a bonus. Relationships involve two people who have to compromise and work together to make it a success.

Squicks and General Do Not Wants
I don't enjoy misogyny, horror, over the top angst, rape scenarios or character deaths. Power plays are also not very cool. Blood and guts are off putting, as are heavy duty kinks such as necrophilia, beastiality, underage (below 17), knifeplay, bloodplay, urine, feces, or heavy duty bondage (tying up is okay, as long as the playing field is equal and everyone is on the same page).

As for the specific requests:

Terminator Salvation John Conner/Kate Brewster

I have been a fan of this series since the very beginning of the first movie when I saw how much Kyle Reese loved Sarah Conner. Kate is strong and badass and can more than keep up with the juggernaut that is John Conner, salvation of humanity. Together they are stronger than their individual pieces. She is the home that grounds him and what makes him fight.

Farscape RPF Ben Browder/Claudia Black

These two have the most amazing chemistry I've ever seen between two people. The genuine caring and devotion that they have to each other bleeds through in every scene they are in together, regardless of whether or not they are playing romantic leads against each other. He's the boyishly handsome good ole boy and she's the sophisticated city girl from down under. They shouldn't make sense, but they do.

China Beach Collen McMurphy/Evan "Dodger" Winslow

I can remember being glued to the screen every night this show was on. The gritty reality of war transposed against an almost resort. McMurphy with her girl next door looks and take no prisoners attitude. Dodger mysterious and broken, needing someone to look past his facade to see the man inside that's so lost he can't find his way home again. Together, they try to figure out the hell they've found themselves in.

Chronicles of Riddick Riddick/Jack (Kyra)

From the moment we found out Jack was a girl, I knew deep down that there was a story there. He's the big badass of the universe and she's just some scared brat stuck in a place that she never imagined existed. Later, he tries to keep her safe and sends her away from him, not realizing that she'd follow him to hell and back with a smile on her face the whole time.

I hope I've given you some insight but really I'll be happy with whatever it is you choose to come up with. Thank you again, mystery author!



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